struct GstGVAAudioEventMeta#

GstGVAAudioEventMeta : @meta: parent #GstMeta @event_type: GQuark describing the semantic of the AudioEvent (f.i. a Sound, a Speech, Silence) @id: identifier of this particular event @start_timestamp: start time stamp of the segment @end_timestamp: end time stamp of the segment @params: list of #GstStructure containing element-specific params for downstream, see gst_gva_audio_event_meta_add_param().

Extra buffer metadata describing an audio frame event details

#include <gva_audio_event_meta.h>

struct GstGVAAudioEventMeta {
    // fields

    GstMeta meta;
    GQuark event_type;
    gint id;
    gulong start_timestamp;
    gulong end_timestamp;
    GList* params;