Coding Style#

We use Clang formatter for our code. Code style checker is being run through CI, so it is essential to format your code before you can actually merge it to master. There is a config for clang-format-7 (.clang-format in the root folder of this project). You will need to install it locally and configure your IDE to format your code with it.

Install clang formatter#

If you are using Ubuntu 18.04 it is quite simple:

sudo apt install -y clang-format-7
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/clang-format-7 /usr/bin/clang-format

If you are using different distro you can find an appropriate repository here And install the newest version:

sudo apt install -y clang-format-9
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/clang-format-9 /usr/bin/clang-format

Configure IDE#

  • Visual Studio Code - If you are using VS Code you can simply install the Clang-Format extension and follow the provided instructions to configure VS Code to automatically format on save.

  • CLion

    • Go to File → Settings → Tools → External Tools and click on the plus sign. A window should pop up. Choose a name, for example “clang-format”

    • For the Tool settings tab use this configuration:

      • Program: clang-format (you should use the name of your executable here)

      • Parameters: -style=file -i FileName

      • Working directory: FileDir Now, with your file open, you can go to Tools → External tools and run the config above. It basically calls clang-format and does inplace formatting using the style define in the first .clang-format file found in a parent directory.

  • Other IDE - For different IDEs or text editors, please refer to their respective documentation. If you would like to contribute instructions for your preferred IDE or editor suggest a update for this wiki. We would be glad to accept your contribution.

Have a good time coding! 😊